House Manager

Your Role

  • Active Engagement with Residents
    • Promote and sustain organic leadership by maintaining positive peer-leader relationships and supporting the goals of your residents
    • Be committed to resident success
    • Be available and get to know your residents
    • Have conversations with the residents in your House, paying special attention to when they join the community
    • Encourage participation in volunteer programs, organizations and other activities
  • Community Development
    • Conflict Resolution
      • Help develop an environment in which residents have concern and respect for the rights of others
      • Empower and educate residents to resolve and mediate low-level conflicts on their own
      • Mediate conflicts amongst residents as they arise
      • Notify supervisor immediately of any conflict that may escalate
    • Policy Enforcement
      • Understand and uphold all House rules, regulations and policies
      • Utilize educational approach to address residents about policies as well as the impacts of their behavior
      • Address all policy violations immediately and consistently
      • Maintain consistency and fairness when dealing with all residents in the building
      • Document resident concerns and notify the supervisor in a timely manner
      • Seek support for guidance from a supervisor during and after difficult situations
      • Follow up with residents after a confrontation
    • Crisis Response
      • Understand and maintain familiarity with crisis protocols
      • Respond to crises as they occur in the House
      • Complete necessary paperwork involved in documenting the crisis
      • Escalate necessary situations to appropriate supervisor(s) immediately
      • Follow up with residents regarding any crisis situation
    • Duty
      • Conduct House rounds to build relationships with residents, confront policy infractions and note maintenance concerns
  • Administration
    • Execute administrative functions of the position so that residents and House Managers can maximize their ability to benefit from the living learning environment created. This includes completing all required paperwork in a timely and accurate manner, promptly posting signs and regularly changing bulletin boards and identifying and reporting maintenance concerns in the house.
    • Encourage and role model interaction with the community-at-large
    • Assume additional responsibilities as assigned by coordinators and other Housing and Rooted Life professsionals
    • The House Manager position is a live-in position, as such House Managers are encouraged to sleep at the house each night