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Our vision includes affordable, inclusive, sustainable and vibrant communities. We are looking for real estate partners to strengthen the Rooted Life community.


Residential with 5+ bedrooms; Commercial with 10 to 30 rooms.

Rooted Life requires medium-sized properties available for residential or short term residential use. The ideal bedroom to bathroom ratio is 1:1, but for the right property can be as high as 2.5:1.  Former, hostels, hotels, B&B's, and RCFE's are ideal. We will also consider multi-family properties on a select basis. 

Shared Kitchens

More social interactions happen in the kitchen than any other space. A large shared kitchen is a requirement for all of our non-multifamily properties.

Common Areas

Community and interpersonal relationships are at the core of Rooted Life's success. It is imperative that there is room for residents to share meals and conduct group meetings. 


A healthful diet is a key Rooted Life offering. All of our houses have small backyard gardens or fruit trees. Properties must have either existing gardens/fruit trees or room to build a small garden. 

Walkable Neighborhoods

Most Rooted Life residents will not have cars so, nearby grocery stores and general shopping are key considerations when evaluating a property. 

Near Public Transportation

Most Rooted Life residents will no have cars, so access to public transportation is one of the most important factors when evaluating a property.


Recently remodeled houses are ideal, but Rooted Life will still consider remodeling and/or making improvements to bring the property up to our standards.

Close to City Center

Many of our residents work or attend programs during the day so, properties must be within approximately 45 minutes of the city center.


864 Grand Ave #802 San Diego, CA 92109

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